Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A to Z, Where You Can Find Me (aka the case of the missing blogger)

Wow - I can't believe how neglected I've let this blog become!  Part of my New Year's Resolution was to keep active with my posts.  While I don't aspire to post daily at this point, I should be making more of an effort than once a month...

I've been really focusing each night to finish my current WIP and I've managed to make it to 71,000ish words first draft.  I think I'm literally days from finishing and finally getting to write 'the end'.  I can't tell you how exciting that is for me - both to finish something I've loved writing, and to move on to something else.

Amidst all the frenzied late night writing, I also had a husband preparing for finals, my immunized daughter come down with the chicken pox, 10-11 hour work days and pre-garden/pre-yard work/change-all-the-kids-clothing-to-summer-wear season.  Oh yeah, and then there were taxes!  So while April did prove to be a hectic month, it was still productive.

My friend Jaima, who I blogged about in March, is a semi-finalist for the ABNA contest!  So pumped for her.  And while reading the list, I discovered that another talented online writer friend of mine has also made the semi-final round for the contest!  Yay Regina Sirois!  Now I'm holding my breath in eager anticipation for May 22, and the announcements of the next rounds.  Regardless of how these two ladies do, I'm so excited for how far they've made it - certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating.

I've also had a chance to participate in the A to Z bloghop, through the two group blogs I'm proud to be a contributor for.  You can see my posts here:

E is for The End, on Mormon Mommy Writers

F is for Forward, on The Writer's Dojo

K is for Kids, on Mormon Mommy Writers

Q is for Quotes, on Mormon Mommy Writers

I'm also up for W this Thursday, before we finish off the month long challenge.  You'll have to go check it out then.  Take a moment to check out the posts for the other letters - there's some amazing and inspirational topics for this challenge!

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