Saturday, March 31, 2012

MIMM - To Blog Or Not To Blog

This week is the last Manuscript in Motion Monday...for now... and the topic is, "To Blog, or not to Blog?"

I have to admit, I'm slightly biased on this front - I love blogging. I've been at it almost five years now - since two weeks after the birth of my second child. But blogging has often been a form of journaling for me - or a means of sharing life experiences and funny stories/pictures with family that cannot see me on a regular basis.

So as a writer, seeking to improve in my craft and build meaningful networks with like-minded individuals, where do I stand on blogging?

I'll admit, I mostly started my writing blog almost two years ago because I'd been told by several different knowledgeable sources that they were a meaningful asset for a writer. It wasn't hard to set the blog up. But then, what content to write????

What could I possibly have to say that would interest anybody? I'm not published, and I don't have a degree in creative writing. So my 'writing' blog became something to sit and stare at, between posts on the family blog, wondering what to do about it.

When I began my new years resolution to put more effort into the blog, I changed my attitude. I decided that instead of trying to be an expert at something, or waste time and energy looking for an unexplored angle, I would treat my blog as a forum to connect with other writers. Or, a chance to write and discuss topics that interest me, books I enjoy and want to recommend, and opportunities in the writing world worth passing along.

Do blogs promote book sales? I don't know, I'm not published yet.

Does a blog really make a difference? Again, I don't know. I hope that something I say, at some point, is meaningful to someone. That statement sounds really broad, but the truth is that I've been uplifted and encouraged on numerous occasions by posts of other bloggers. If I said just one thing that meant something to just one person, I would consider my blog a success.

And more importantly is this - if I never managed to publish a book, if I never said anything worth being read, I would still be blogging.

Why? Because it helps to fuel my love of writing.

And that's the answer that matters most to me.


  1. I so agree with your last point. I love blogging, it's almost as though it's completely separate from any future writing career :-)

  2. Hi Mandi!

    I hopped over from the writer's dojo. *waves*

    Agree about the blogging...regardless of whether or not it helps my future writing career, I love it. Connecting with other writers and bloggers has been more beneficial and therapeutic than I ever thought possible. :)

  3. Hi Mandi-
    Sending happy thoughts your way. Hope the manuscript is humming along. Can't wait to read it!

  4. I totally agree about blogging. It really is about meeting people for me.

    Thanks for joining us at Falling for Fiction. ;0)

  5. Amen, Sister Mandi, Amen :)

    Fueling the fire means something is eventually going to burn down, be it inner barriers or perceptions (I'm not good enough...)

    You keep getting 'er done, my writer friend.

    PS... *thanks for the sweet comments re. the blog hop and no worries, I know how busy we alllll are...

    PPS.. HI will be here and waiting whenever you have the chance to come back.. but I guarantee traffic is worse :)


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