Thursday, September 15, 2011

Long Vacations (aka Excuses, Excuses)

Though I consider myself an avid blogger, most of the blogging I do is held on a private site, and for purposes of journaling the experiences of myself and my family. (I also consider my private blog a sort of digital scrapbook, as I'm not very creative with scissors and pretty paper, and therefore usually don't bother with the other type).

Even though I sign into my blogger account several times a week, I try to cover the part of the screen that links to this blog, and the blaring announcement that it has been over nine months since my last post, of which there aren't very many to begin with.

I tell myself, "Hey, I'm on vacation." which really means I have a thousand excuses for why I am not working on my writing. Some of the excuses are legitimate. In the past year, I have done all of the following:

  1. Had a beautiful baby boy

  2. Endured some minor health difficulties related to this miraculous event

  3. Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas with three small children (enough said, right?)

  4. Directed a high school musical play (what was I thinking?) - which was a phenomenal, though busy, experience!

  5. Helped my husband job search

  6. Helped my husband apply to school

  7. Accepted the fact that we were going back to student life

  8. Started the process of opening an accredited preschool dayhome

  9. Soccer, swimming lessons, YW camp and other summer sports and activities

  10. Moved my entire family 6 hours away! Ahhhh!

Even looking over this list again, I realize how crazy busy my past year seems. Whether the excuses are legitimate or not, the point is I was not making room, even in small increments, for something I consider equally important - writing.

It's time to turn the car around. It's time to get back to the writing. It's time to get organized.

I need it more than it needs me. Even if I only get 10 minutes in at the end of the day, writing is what allows me to keep my sanity.

Vacation's over - No more excuses!

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  1. Glad to hear it. I can't wait to read what you've been writing.


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