Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, it's that time of year again, when we make all sorts of crazy resolutions so we can break them in about 15 days time, right?
I actually enjoy making goals for myself - I'm sort of a list person. I love to cross things off a neatly columned lined paper. It makes me feel good. And I love deadlines. I know, I'm crazy.
But this year, I decided to do something different. Usually, my resolutions are pretty par with what you hear of other's goals - eat healthy, exercise more, read more, try to do the dishes when you use them, not the next day when the food is crusted on, etc., etc.
This year, I've taken a long hard look at where I am, and where I want to go.
I've always been a writer - ever since I could hold a pencil. In the third grade, I joined my first writer's group, at lunch time, in my classroom, with four other kids who loved to tell stories, and I have files and files of paper full of plot and character, spanning back over fifteen years or more. Writing is my release, it is my growth, it is my passion.
But it's time to move beyond that - it's time to start down the path I've always dreamed about, but never dared to really explore, probably because I wasn't truly ready. I want to be more than a writer. I want to be an author.
I took the first important step this past November: I have entered Nanowrimo three years running now, but never made it past 14000 words - always with 'good' excuses. But this past year, I knew I had to do it. When the clock hit Dec. 1, I had finished Nano. That's when I realized it's time. I've (metaphorically) grown up enough to take my writing to the next level.
So my New Year's resolution is to start down that road. I don't know if it (publication) will ever happen. I'm not worried about that right now. All I can do is try, and either way, the effort I put into the task will be rewarded with the most important prize: growth. My writing will improve.
Here's how I plan to achieve this goal:
1. Finish my nano manuscript (I figure I have around 10, 000 - 20, 000 words to go)
2. Complete edits & rewrites of my manuscript
3. Submit my manuscript (it doesn't matter if it gets accepted or rejected - its all about overcoming that first hurdle)
I have till Next October 1st to complete this portion of my goal. At that point, I will switch into gear for the second part of my goal:
1. Outline a new story for Nanowrimo 2012
2. Complete 50,000 words for story between Nov. 1 2012, and Nov. 30 2012
And finally, the last part of my goal to take my writing to the next level:
1. Find a creative way to network in the blogging world
2. Attend my writers group with polished work ready to go every month
3. Read 25 books by next Christmas
When it's written all out like that, it seems like a rather intimidating goal, but I feel confident that I have the support and drive to make it happen. And not only that, but I'm excited about it!
So, I guess I better get off my blog and get to work, because the kids are napping right now, and we all now how precious those moments of quiet can be each day.
Wish me luck, or better yet - hold me accountable!

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  1. You can do it! I love seeing your goals and I'll love hearing about your progress. I'm still waiting to read your book. It sounds fun.


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