Monday, January 30, 2012

Roles of the Self-Publisher

It's late, and I probably should be getting ready to sleep, but I wanted to quickly share some of the interesting blog posts I've found this month on the topic of self-publication. I think it is very important to go into an enterprise with a full array of research and an open understanding of what is involved.

So whether you're considering self-promoting your work, or pursuing traditional publication, there is something to be learned from each of these authors:

Enjoy! Oh, and if you get a chance, tell me what you think!

(Please note, these are in no particular order)

S.R. Johannes put together a eye-opening list of the various roles played by a self-published author. At first, the list sucks the romance out of the vision you keep in your head of the newly emerging ever evolving definition of Indie Authorship. Once you get over the initial shock, you realize that some of the roles that seem so overwhelming are still required by major publishing houses. Not only that, but when all is said and done, the work is worth the achievement of a dream, right?

J.A. Konrath is a name I've heard floating around a lot this month, so I had to check out what the buzz was about. I quickly discovered why he has become a guru of the Indie market - over the Christmas season, he sold $100,000 worth of books. And, he'll tell you how and why, in his opinion, self-published authors can find the same success.

Amanda Hocking is the next stop on my mini-tour. If you haven't heard of her, don't despair - I hadn't either, until three weeks ago. But she quickly caught my fascination with her amazing tale of do-it-yourself success.

Susan Kaye Quinn has put together a great post that gives advice and encouragement to any one trying to market their own books. She includes anecdotes relating her experience with her self-pubbed book, and I found this article very informative. She brings to the light seven questions you should ask yourself - and answer honestly before you decide to take the leap.


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