Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flash Fiction Inspiration

So I was blog hopping last night and found an entry by Mark Koopmans for a flash fiction contest. I read his short story (has to be less than 100 words) and inspiration struck. Actually, it was the title of his entry and the concept of telling a very short story of an inanimate object. I think it can also be partially credited to the frozen water nature so graciously dumbed on my doorstep overnight. I'd take a picture if I could get out my front door (lol).
Here is the contest details:
Usual rules: write a story with 100 or fewer words. Post in the comment column of this blog post. (Comments closed until the contest opens). If you need a mulligan, delete your entry and enter again. Only ONE entry per person will be considered for the contest.Use these words in your
choice destroy risk sequel allegiance
Contest opens at NOON on Friday (2/24) and closes at 6pm on Saturday (2/25). Winner receives an ARC of INSURGENT by Veronica Roth, the sequel to DIVERGENT which was voted Best Book of the Year by the readers at (among many other honors!)
Here is my entry (just for your enjoyment!). I didn't think writing a story of less than 100 words would be hard, but I spent more time cutting it, then I did plotting and writing it (and yes, I did some plotting - in my head - for this story. Crazy, I know!
Title: Pairs
They say death takes you to a better place.
The sisters stood in motionless reverence, staring down at the lifeless thing, its empty black form in stark contrast to the harsh white snow.
It seems that nature favors pairs, and the twins grasped hands in wordless recognition of their own allegiance, and the chasm that could destroy, dividing this one from its sequel.
The playground was abandoned - children called inside due to risk of bitter cold.
The silent choice was made.
They pulled the frozen mitten from its icy grave, and took it to the lost & found.


  1. This is a really cute story! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Renae,

      You know for only 100 words it still required some sweat equity. I might have some fun fleshing it out and seeing how it evolves.

  2. Hey Mandi,

    First of all, do you mind if I say I am honestly humbled that my entry moved you to create a story of your own.

    A story that you obviously put a lot of effort and time into. Did you have trouble getting the five words to *fit*? (That part drove me nuts :)

    Anyway, I *loved* your story, and what a clever idea to have twins holding hands over the single thing (don't want to be a spoiler :)

    Well done, and PS... while I didn't win, I did make the final eight (of 155) so that was a nice feeling :)

    Thanks again, and write at ye later :)

    1. Hey Mark,

      To be honest, I didn't put a whole lot of time into it, and it was incredibly hard not only to get in the five words, but just to get it down to 100.

      Who thought cutting 60 words could be so difficult?

      And I'm so excited for your story - top 8 out of over 150 is amazing, and well deserved!

  3. Hi Mandi! Stopped over from Marks blog. Great short story. I look forward to your future posts. Also, a fellow Ninja!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Visiting from Mark Koopmans blog... Love the look of your site. It's so pretty and awesome!

    1. Thanks, I'm a fan of the free blog background sites - the problem is picking just one! Stop by anytime.

  6. I'm visiting from Mark's blog too...It's good to meet you and read some of your work!

    1. Thanks Melanie,

      I read your blog as well and really enjoy it. Nice to meet you too!

  7. And another one sent by Mark to say hi :-)Your story made me smile, and I agree, the shorter the story, the harder it is. Every single word has to count!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah. It's nice to meet you!


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