Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Move Over Sitcoms, Here Come Webisodes!

I meant to make this post a couple of weeks ago, so I'm going to take a moment to bring it to your attention. Back in December I happened upon a blog promoting a sight called Big World Network. The basic gist is that instead of watching episodes of your favorite TV sitcom or dramas, you can now read or hear chapters of high quality fiction. AKA, books are being presented in the same type of format as a television series. And they're calling them webisodes.
The author I read about in that post is Taryn Taylor, and her book, The Secret, is being released an episode at a time, once a week, on I was curious, and clicked to check it out. I started the series about five episodes in, so I was able to read up to the point where she released the sixth part. And like any great TV show, now I'm hooked. What a fabulous idea! I checked out some of the other authors with books being released on the site, and was quite impressed by the high calibre of writing. There seem to be stories and series from a variety of genres and interests.
I must say, this new little trend may quickly become an addiction.


  1. vs sight!!! :) loved having you here!

  2. ....oooooo - I just read the 1st chapter - looks good - I will have to give the next one a go soon!


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